Gutters are an important part of the roof; it will assure you that the water does not stay on top that may cause leaking, and allow it to flow down to the ground. A lot of homeowners do not know what to do with the extra pieces of gutters that they have purchased. Usually, they will just store it in their garage and will let it set there for a long time. After reading this article, you will have to call for gutter cleaning in Raleigh, because you will want to try it out for yourself on how to creatively use drains for proper home décor.


One of the great things you can create out of this material is a windowsill planter; this will give your home a greener and fresher environment that is very easy to make. After having your old plastic gutter cleaned, you can use a saw and cut about a foot long that you will use for this project. You will need some caps that could be similar in color to close the open ends of the gutter; this step is crucial to ensure that your plants and soil stay within the realms of the plastic, and not fall off. After you can just add soil and plant seeds of your liking, and in no time you will have a garden within your gutters.

This is an excellent way to protect the seedlings of your future plants from harsh weathers like snow, strong winds, and even excessive rain. During the early growth phase of plants, they are fragile and unstable, which can be the cause of their death right away. With planting them in gutter tiles, you can store them indoors, where you can nurture them until they are strong enough to fight off the different types of weathers. You can just directly transfer the plants into your backyard without having any difficulty.

Are you in need of a new shelf for your tools or any of your belongings? Well, gutters can be transformed into great shelves where you can properly place and organize your valuables without and lessen the chances of your losing them next time. All you need is to have two long, flat, and solid poles where you can stick the gutters, it should look like a ladder for the end product. This makeshift shelf can be hung on the walls or any door depending on which is more convenient.

You can also make a bookshelf or a picture ledge with gutters; you can have it painted with the favorite color of your kids to make it for enticing.  You can have the ledge as long or as short as you want, depending on how much things you want to place on the ledges. Make sure that you seal the ends of the gutter to ensure nothing falls to the ground. You can have these gutters screwed onto the wall, to make sure it secure and safe from randomly falling to the floor of your kid’s room.